how come you can't dye your hair until New Years?

actually it’s until my next birthday (Jan 3rd)…
Because I promised to the universe I wouldn’t dye my hair for 1 year in exchange for something and since I got it,  I can’t break my promise or else I might lose what I got…


Can i strip you like you were an undeserved tour de france title?


What's the most bizarre thing you've ever eaten?

A glass of snake blood that my mother’s mother gave me as a part of a ritual for me to grow stronger and beat the sun allergies I had when I was a child.

I envy your hair. How do you maintain it? My hair is always so frizzy and it poofs a couple of hours after I straighten it. Any tips? thanks :)

I usualy only wash my hair every other day cuz water and shampoo can really dry out your hair.
also I started using this stuff (but I’m not sure if you can get it in the U.S.) and from the very first time I could see and feel the difference my hair is shiny and strong and all silky and shiet
after I get outta the shower I use Organix coconut milk  anty breakage oil (I would looooove to use the whole hair system thing but it is oh so expensive and I am oh so poor)  and once a month I warm (JUST WARM! DON’T BURN YA SCALP!) up  about half a cup of olive oil then pour it on my head and take a towel dipped in the hot water and wrap it around my hair and leave it on until the towel is cold, then I hop in the shower, double shampoo (no conditioner) and blow dry it.
You’ll be looking and feeling all fab n shiet

how do you groom your pussy? bald, landing strip, thick bush, etc?

I don’t have pets, I’m allergic to cats. 
But if I could have any I would have something sexy like this fellah right hurr:

You should post a video of yourself speaking both Spanish & English. I want to hear what your voice sounds like!

I don’t own a camera :(

Dear ex girlfriend, thank you for never trusted me, thank you for underestimate me, and thank you for showing me the things i can't trust when they came from a mouth of a woman with a feminist teenager complex: forever, infinite, family etc

You’re doing it wrong

Dear person I’m jealous of:

Sorry to inform you that you don’t exist.

Here's your future: I am going to beat the shit out of you fucking FAGGOT

What happened in Mexico? (You told R.I.P. MEXICO)

The rigged Mexican presidential elections is what happened…
The “official” elected president Enrique Peña Nieto murdered his wife, ordered the massacre, rape and brutal beating of protesters in Atenco,   he bought his way into the presidency, he is backed by one of the biggest political crooks Mexico has ever seen,  is married to a Telenovela star who calls Mexican people “Indios” “revoltosos “flojos” on her personal twitter, his daughter called the Mexican people “prole” “pendejos” “envidiosos” when her daddy EPN was criticized for not being able to come up with 3 books when asked to name 3 book that influenced his life (he just said “the bible, some parts of it and another one that I’m reading right not but I can’t remember the name) oh and this was at a book fair….
The people HATE him and they do not recognize him as the president of Mexico because in the age of the camera, this electoral fraud is well documented allover Mexico, there are protests, black blocks, manifestations, marches, etc to call his shit out.

do i love someone

The spirit of love in which all relationships bask revealed that if you loved someone you needn’t ask


The ghosts of past love and of present and future too reaveal a life of loneliness in store for you